Impressions of the conference

IUHF President Andreas J. Zehnder opens the conference
The panel of the 1st session
Walter Buser, City Council of Munich
Alex J. Pollock, American Enterprise Institute
In the conference room
Anthony J. Ward, Home Funding Limited, UK
Lively discussion
President Zehnder and delegates from Asia
Delegates on the second conference day
The panel of the 2nd session
Herbert G. Pfeiffer, European Federation of Building Societies
András G. Botos, Association of Hungarian Mortgage Banks
Mark Weinrich, IUHF, giving the presentation of Kapil Wadhawan, DHFCL India
The panel of the 3rd session
Stephen A. O'Connor, Mortgage Bankers Association, USA
Adrian Steiner, European Commission
Ulrich von Zanthier, KPMG, Germany
Cas Coovadia, The Banking Association South Africa
Questions and answers
The panel of the 4th session
Masato Koumura, Japan Housing Finance Agency
Thorsten Beck, Cass Business School, UK
Eduardo Rottmann, Brazilian Appraisal Institute
Zaigham M. Rizvi, Asia-Pacific Union for Housing Finance
Asa Johansson, OECD
The panel of the 5th session
Michael Yam, Real Estate and Housing Developers' Association of Malaysia
José Luis Romero Hicks, Grupo de Apayo a la Vivienda, Mexico
Christian Felber, Austria, delivering the keynote speech on "The future of money, ...
... banks and credit - reconciling democratic vaules and the financial world"